Emergency Services

Call Fuhr Electric for emergency electrical services including power generators.

honda-5000generatorPower outages are frequent occurrences caused by weather disasters and we depend on our electricity more than ever. A power outage in your home is more than an inconvenience. Basements flood without sump pumps and food spoils in refrigerators. Power outages costs your family a lot of money.

Honda Generator. Specs: 5000W, 30A, 240/120V with 8 hour run time on a tank of fuel.

How Much Wattage Do You Need? Click Here.

Call us for generators if you have a power outage

Additional emergency services include:

  • Replace service cable
  • Replaced loadcenter and circuit breakers
  • Replace main circuit breakers
  • Install generators and transfer switch panels
  • Replace meter sockets
  • Install temporary power and lighting